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Renay Bloom

Meditation Instructor

Primary Classes:


about me

Renay Bloom is the Chief Serving Officer, (CSO), at IN BOULI™, Inner Body Outer Life™, She invites you to build a foundation of self-care through integrative and restorative practices, mindfulness and meditation, and life-affirming principles, in your journey of personal freedom.

A former New York trained professional dancer, Renay holds deep gratitude for the foundation of the arts in her life, an influence that set her on her wellness path and guides her vision of realizing a life of wholeness.

Being active in community service and serving as a defense attorney unearthed Renay’s intention to be the difference she hoped to see in the world. Not being immune to the impact of trauma and life stress, she was catapulted into rediscovering wellness modalities that she understood. Her elders depended on comforting rest for restoration, inner wisdom, plants, and whole foods. 

In 2010, an injury took her from running to a yoga mat. She felt naturally guided to life-affirming modalities of prayer, yoga, and meditation to support her healing and wholeness. When life dealt a devastating turn for her family in 2020, she knew the remainder of her life was eternally committed to supporting people seeking to discover their journey of wholeness. Renay specializes in rest and restorative practices that serve to reconnect and realign her to the inner resources of truth, innate wisdom, and wholeness.

Renay intends to share wellness pillars that support the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Her main practices are iRest® – Restorative Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Affirmative Prayer & Visioning, and Restorative Yoga.


  • iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

  • Spiritual Wellness

  • Self Compassion

  • Mindfulness

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