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Juli Greenwald

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Primary Classes:


about me

Juli started attending yoga classes in 2014 because she was having a really difficult time. At work, in friendships, and in relationships she was struggling and suffering. Yoga became a safe space for her. A place she could go to cry, to feel, to release all the shoved-down emotions that screamed inside of her.

Later that year a friend suggested that she take a 200-hour yoga teacher training. After some consideration, she thought it would be something healthy to fill her time, a space where she could learn a few new tricks for her physical practice, and maybe float into that ever-elusive handstand. Well, that journey of teacher training led her to take her personal practice into a shared one through teaching. She regards yoga as a spiritual practice that connects her mind, body, and soul, with so much information surrounding the practice that will take more than this lifetime to master.

Yoga is humbling and rewarding in so many ways to Juli and makes her believe in something beyond herself, something worth exploring and experiencing. SInce the beginning of her journey, she has broadened her horizons and furthered her training as a yoga teacher. She hopes that her students leave her classes feeling just a tiny nugget of this vast realm, their expansive conscious connection to each other and the universe; or at least to create a space where they feel safe exploring whatever is happening inside themselves. Or, just a space to embody their own sense of being and well-being.


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